Welcome to Two Hands Four Paws, the premier canine physical rehabilitation center in Los Angeles. Whether your dog is recovering from surgery, is overweight, or is suffering from pain due to arthritis, a soft tissue injury or an overused muscle, canine rehabilitation therapy can help.

Success Stories


Hear firsthand how our canine physical rehabilitation therapies help pets with spinal injuries, post-TPLO,  and severe arthritis, among others. See Herbie’s recovery from ruptured disks, Axl who suffered with arthritis, and Hank’s healing from his TPLO…Read More


Customized Programs


Your pet’s customized program, prepared by our highly skilled veterinarians will encompass our whole-body approach. Whether you are looking for pain management, recovery from paralysis, pre or post surgical strengthening, or looking to shed some unwanted pounds, your pet’s individualized treatment plan will be comprehensive and effective…Read More


Our Blogs


Leslie’s Canine Rehabilitation Blog – Leslie writes about rehab, our busy clinic, rescues and her life with so many dogs. Dr Barsky’ Sports Medicine Blog- Dr. B on the canine athlete, conditioning, injury prevention and event preparation…Read More