It’s Off to Berry We Go! – MRI to Determine Surgery or Euthanasia

Chapter 8 By Leslie Gallagher We were on our way to see Dr. Wayne Berry, one of the preeminent neurosurgeons in Southern California. I have to admit I was absolutely terrified. In my conversation with Dr. Berry about “isn’t it waaayyyy too late for Kenny to get an MRI/surgery at this point??” he said something […]

Pennies From Heaven – Kenny’s Fund Receives Donations From Around The World

Chapter 7 By Leslie Gallagher All of our clients were in love with Ken.  And he loved them right back.  What was not for him to love?  He spent his days on a big fluffy bed in the middle of our 6000 sq ft doggie gymnasium, receiving visitors from 9-6pm.  When he wasn’t getting treatment, […]

Running on Empty – And Running Out of Options

Chapter 6 By Leslie Gallagher Things weren’t going so well in the Kenny department. At this point we had now had Kenny for about three weeks and I was feeling frustrated. We were KILLING ourselves to get his limbs going but with very little success. Usually after three weeks of really intensive physical therapy we […]