He’s Walking on Sunshine – Kenny walks on his own

Chapter 14 By Leslie Gallagher All of a sudden it happened. After another week of just walking with support in the harnesses, Ken decided he was ready to try to walk on his own (without informing me first). Oh. My. God. I almost had a heart attack when he first tried. I had come home […]

I Walk Beside You – Post-Cancer, Post-Surgery, Post-Pneumonia Kenny Takes His First (Assisted) Steps!

Chapter 13 By Leslie Gallagher The crisis appeared to be over. Kenny’s pneumonia had resolved (thank god) and his heart appeared to be stable. Dr. Ettinger was checking it and listening to it every day which allowed me to focus on my real job: getting Kenny to walk on his own. This is where our […]

Shaken, Not Stirred – Ken is Back in the Game!

Chapter 12 By Leslie Gallagher The one week recheck with the cardiologists arrived quickly. Because Kenny had smoke in his ventricle all the cardiologists at ASEC were clamoring to see his recheck echocardiogram. And because Dr. Ettinger is such a rock star he wanted to come along! And, because Dr. Ettinger is so famous, all […]