This House Ain’t Big Enough for the Six of Us. – A Bump, a Fight and the Summer of Love is Officially Over

Chapter 16 By Leslie Gallagher Kenny was progressing so well. Each day brought slight improvements, each week we would cheer when we saw something dramatic. Though our house was a lot quieter with the Pooh gone, we managed to immerse ourselves in working on Ken and it helped stop the screaming in my head when […]

Don’t Hold Them Back! – Why Weight Matters And What To Do About It.

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  By Jonit Barsky Rosie is the star of her scent-work class and recently learned how to swim. She’s a 4-year-old Dachshund who loves to hike and is obsessed with tennis balls. She is the queen of her household. She’s a true athlete, but it wasn’t always that way. These days Rosie is a svelte […]