About Two Hands Four PawsWelcome to Two Hands Four Paws, the premier canine physical rehabilitation center in Los Angeles. Whether your dog is recovering from surgery, is overweight, or is suffering from pain due to arthritis, a soft tissue injury or an overused muscle, canine rehabilitation therapy can help.

Our staff of highly trained physical therapists, massage therapists, and veterinarians utilize the very latest dog rehabilitation techniques to provide your pet with a tailor made treatment plan for his or her individual needs. These techniques may include water therapy in either the pool or the underwater treadmill, massage therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), nutritional advice, the land treadmill, balance therapy on the wobble board and Bosu ball or take home exercises.

Two Hands Four Paws Float Coats

Specializing in mobility, our goal is to help your dog regain strength, increase flexibility, and improve range of motion. And we take our job seriously. Everyone who works at Two Hands Four Paws is a tried and true animal lover who believes that no dog is ever a lost cause. We will work tirelessly with you, priding ourselves on thinking “outside the box”, to come up with the optimum treatment plan to reduce your dog’s pain, restore his or her functionality, and ultimately improve his or her quality of life.

In addition to canine physical rehabilitation therapy, we also provide preventative care therapy, Fun Swims, a rehab retail store, special needs dog daycare, and regular dog daycare in our low-volume facility.


Please contact us today at 310-475-8555 to find out more about our services.