Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu – Kenny???

Chapter 11 By Leslie Gallagher Dr. Leonard (the saintly Dr. Leonard as she became Kenny’s hero) arrived at work just before 6am the following day. I was wide awake and waiting for her phone call as neither Bryan or I had slept a wink. We were so worried about Kenny and what the heck was […]

No Easy Road – Kenny Falls Ill Post-Surgery

Chapter 10 By Leslie Gallagher I woke up at 2am Sunday morning hearing Kenny cough and struggle to move around. I jabbed Bryan hard with an elbow (can never wake the guy up) and said, “Kenny needs to go out NOW”. We blindly moved around the bedroom, pulled him off his bed and carried him […]

Walk Like a Doberman – Successful Surgery and Ken’s First Steps

Chapter 9 By Leslie Gallagher Kenny’s surgery went great. Dr. Berry removed a large amount of disc material that had been sitting on his spinal cord. Phew! He felt that Kenny should have a slow, but steady recovery. He even thought Kenny might start walking within a week or two. Wow! Normally they keep these dogs […]

It’s Off to Berry We Go! – MRI to Determine Surgery or Euthanasia

Chapter 8 By Leslie Gallagher We were on our way to see Dr. Wayne Berry, one of the preeminent neurosurgeons in Southern California. I have to admit I was absolutely terrified. In my conversation with Dr. Berry about “isn’t it waaayyyy too late for Kenny to get an MRI/surgery at this point??” he said something […]

Pennies From Heaven – Kenny’s Fund Receives Donations From Around The World

Chapter 7 By Leslie Gallagher All of our clients were in love with Ken.  And he loved them right back.  What was not for him to love?  He spent his days on a big fluffy bed in the middle of our 6000 sq ft doggie gymnasium, receiving visitors from 9-6pm.  When he wasn’t getting treatment, […]

Running on Empty – And Running Out of Options

Chapter 6 By Leslie Gallagher Things weren’t going so well in the Kenny department. At this point we had now had Kenny for about three weeks and I was feeling frustrated. We were KILLING ourselves to get his limbs going but with very little success. Usually after three weeks of really intensive physical therapy we […]

A Day in the Life – What’s it Like to Live with a Paralyzed Dog

Chapter 5 By Leslie Gallagher Kenny’s melanoma had been removed, with clean margins.  That was the good news.  The bad news was that he was still paralyzed. What’s it like to live with a paralyzed dog?  It can be really hard, there’s no way to sugarcoat it.  It can be is terrifying, exhausting, overwhelming and […]


Chapter 4 By Leslie Gallagher When Kenny arrived one of the first things I had noticed was a large tumor on his back left leg. It was about the size of a nickel and really thick. Super concerning. All my in-house vets told me that Kenny had bigger fish to fry, as at this point […]

Big Pain and an Unyielding Bladder

 Chapter 3 By Leslie Gallagher Kenny seemed just miserable. I didn’t know this dog at all and had zero history on him other than what the rescue knew, which wasn’t much. I knew he was thrilled to be out of a cage and I knew he was grateful that we were fussing over him 24/7 […]

A Guarded Prognosis

A Guarded Prognosis

Chapter 2 By Leslie Gallagher Kenny was in even worse shape than I had thought. Not only was he unable to move any of his legs, he was in pain. A LOT of pain. And we still had absolutely no idea what was wrong with him because Lisa hadn’t had the money for diagnostics. Was […]

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