Canine Physical Rehabilitation Los AngelesSo what is canine physical rehabilitation, anyways?  Our canine rehabilitation center adopts many of the same techniques used on humans, for dogs.  Canine physical rehabilitation can help increase a patient’s mobility and strength, while decreasing pain.

Like humans, physical rehabilitation has benefits to pets suffering from arthritis, recovering from surgery or injury, those experiencing weakness, and pets who are overweight.Two Hands Four Paws utilizes state of the art hydrotherapy equipment, laser therapy, thermo and cryotherapies, land exercises (that you can do at home, too!) and nutritional supplements to help your dog feel his or her best.

Land Treadmill Two Hands Four PawsEvery dog who undergoes physical rehabilitation at Two Hands Four Paws is seen by one of our veterinarians during each of his or her therapy sessions, at no additional cost to you. While Two Hands Four Paws focuses mainly on canines, we do have the capabilities to see other small animals.

Please call Two Hands Four Paws at (310) 475-8555 for more information.