Land Treadmill Two Hands Four PawsThe land treadmill for dogs looks a lot like the one you’ve probably seen at the gym except it’s a bit smaller, has a non-slip surface, is solid under the moving tread rather than bouncy and has side walls for safety.  And, like the one at your gym, the dog treadmill provides a great workout, improving hind leg strength and increasing your dog’s cardiovascular endurance. Often referred to as an incline treadmill due to the therapists’ ability to adjust the incline/decline as well as the speed, the treadmill is also a terrific form of canine rehabilitation therapy, effective at treating a wide range of problems from gait abnormalities to muscle weakness in older dogs.

At Two Hands Four Paws, our therapists may use the treadmill for recovery from spinal cord injuries, increased muscle strength, mood enhancement, or to improve cardiovascular capacity. By adjusting the incline/decline, the therapist is able to target specific muscles, providing your dog with an individualized workout for his or her specific needs.

The treadmill is especially useful for dogs that are paralyzed, recovering from a traumatic injury or are post surgery as the therapists are literally able to support the patient with a custom Two Hands Four Paws Land Treadmilldesigned harness system and sit behind the dog, using their hands to help your dog relearn to walk. The treadmill is fabulous for improving your dog’s gait and balance, thus helping to prevent future injuries. It’s a good tool for inducing weight loss in overweight dogs. And it’s fantastic for dogs that compete in agility trials, shows or Fly Ball.

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