Underwater Treadmill Two Hands Four Paws Pomeranian West LAThe underwater treadmill has proven to be so effective in treating a wide range of problems from post surgery pain to muscle weakness in older dogs that Two Hands Four Paws now owns two of these amazing machines. The benefits are similar to those derived from swim therapy, but with a few major differences.

The underwater treadmill focuses on the walking gait making it ideal for dogs with a neurological or spinal injury who literally needs to relearn how to walk. In addition, there are more variables that can be adjusted in the underwater treadmill such as the water height, speed of the treadmill, and the walking direction which makes the treatment more predictable and allows the therapist more control. This is especially ideal for dogs with paralysis, or those recovering from surgery such as ACL surgery.

Less stressful on the joints than the land treadmill, the underwater treadmill is great for older dogs who need to build up their rear end strength, and/or recover confidence walking. It’s an amazing cardiovascular exercise for any dog and, due to the therapist’s ability to adjust so many variables, the underwater treadmill will continue to challenge your dog as he or she regains strength. It’s also non-weight bearing so it’s great for dogs with any kind of dysplasia or joint pain.Underwater Treadmill Two Hands Four Paws Pekingese

Our therapists often use the underwater treadmill in conjunction with the pool in order to increase strength in both sets of limbs, push the range of motion in the joints to their maximum limit, and heighten your dog’s sense of confidence and well being. In addition, the underwater treadmill improves circulation, increases lymphatic drainage and calms the nervous system. In short, we think it’s kind of a miracle.

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