Customized Programs at Two Hands Four PawsYour pet’s customized program, prepared by our highly skilled veterinarians will encompass our whole-body approach. Whether you are looking for pain management, recovery from paralysis, pre- or post-surgical strengthening, or looking to shed some unwanted pounds, your pet’s individualized treatment plan will be comprehensive and effective.

After your Initial Consultation you will receive a detailed treatment plan.  For example, a dog coming in for arthritis or degenerative joint disease may be given a plan recommending 2 therapy sessions a week, with supplements and exercises that you can do at home for additional strengthening.  Another dog, being seen after spinal surgery may be respond better to a daily regime of laser and massage therapies, acupuncture and hydrotherapy.

Other plans may be as simple as reducing your dog’s caloric intake and increasing daily walks.We are here to help guide you through whatever you and your pet may be facing.

Our team of specialists will create a plan, with proven results. You can begin by calling (310) 475-8555. To learn more, visit Our Process and see how Getting Started is easy.