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baby ava

Back in August, I received a call about a paralyzed German Shepherd puppy. Her family had been evicted and moved away. They took with them her mother, a German Shepherd, and all of her siblings. But they left behind the one who needed them the most – the paralyzed pup. At just 4 weeks old and unable to walk, this little pup was left to die, hidden from everyone in a backyard. But after hearing the sound of this little angel crying for several days, a neighbor climbed over the fence to investigate. What he found was a dehydrated, starving, puppy – unable to walk and completely traumatized from being abandoned.


They discovered this tiny pup’s back was broken in two places, and her spinal cord almost severed. The cause of her injuries is unknown. Unfortunately Animal Control  where she was taken in lacked the funds needed to get her to a specialist for back surgery… It’s now been two months since this pup was found in that yard and sadly, she no longer is a candidate for surgery. Her only hope of ever walking again is extensive and intensive physical therapy.


Last week, she was finally brought her to Two Hands Four Paws. Though we aren’t in the financial position to take this dog on by ourselves, I simply couldn’t turn her away. I said “YES” and just hoped that we could find a way to pay for all she needs. At 12 weeks old now, our little Ava (the name we have given her) has quite the fighting spirit.


IMG_5843When she arrived, she was a shell of a dog – frightened by our touch and our intentions. Cowering and shaking non stop. But within just one week, she transformed into a happy puppy – giving all of us kisses and cuddles and wanting to play.  We can see she is ready to fight the battle to regain her ability to walk and all of us at Two Hands Four Paws are ready to do the work to fight for. Even little Maverick our formerly paralyzed Golden Retriever has jumped in to help and he gently plays with her every chance he gets.


Our entire team of rehabbers are working around the clock to help sweet Ava. She receives therapy for hours each day, usually with four of us working on her at a time. We must give her our all for her to stand a chance at ever walking again. And after all that she has been through, Ava deserves this chance.


IMG_5844But we cannot do this alone.


We desperately need help raising funds to pay for all Ava needs. With at least two to four months of full time therapy ahead, neurological visits, wheelchairs to fit her as she grows, braces and splints, medications, etc  – the cost to care for Ava will easily surpass $12,000.


Ava is getting stronger with every passing day. And I believe in my heart we can get her walking again – if we can provide her with all that she needs. All of us at Two Hands Four Paws do this work saving the injured and the sick because we felt a calling to help. And I know Ava came to us for that reason.


If you have ever been in need of a miracle and someone to help you, please think of Ava today and donate what you can today.


With your support, we can turn Ava’s tragic story into a tale of triumph.


Donate today by visiting the following link:

Any and all donations are deeply appreciated. Please feel free to pass this on to friends who love German Shepherds as much as we do! Thank you!!!




Check out Ava’s photo collection to watch her as she grows and learns to walk again.


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