Kenny’s Arrival

Chapter 1

Kenny on the cartBy Leslie Gallagher

The phone call hit me like a blast of cold air.  Lisa, the woman who runs Dobie Rescue and gave me Savannah, the love of my life sounded like she was going to cry. “Leslie, one of my volunteers accidentally dropped a metal gate on a dog’s neck and he is paralyzed in all four legs.  My vet thinks I should euthanize him.  Can you help?”  My legs actually got weak just hearing this.  I said, “Can you give me more information??  Did he get any x-rays?  Is he on steroids?  Does he have any feeling in his feet?”  Like all rescues in this town the people who run them have hearts of gold and very limited resources as they try to help every single animal they possibly can.  I knew there was no way Lisa or any rescuer for that matter could handle a dog in this condition.  I knew that we could.  I also knew that if I didn’t step up to the plate, the dog would be killed.  I told her I would call her back.

For the next 10 minutes I ran around the office asking my staff if I should take this on.  It would mean moving a lot of resources away from taking care of other things to help me with this dog.  It would mean Bryan and I getting up 5 times a night to express his bladder.  It would mean another body in my house that would potentially not be good with other dogs.  It would be a drain on the Bank of Leslie to pay for all his care.  It would aggravate the heck out of my already tapped out husband.  It would be exhausting, overwhelming, hard on our bodies, and most importantly, hard on my soul if it didn’t work out.  So of course I called her back and said, “Yes.”

Paralyzed in all legs

Paralyzed in all legs

I promised my beleaguered  husband Bryan that we would just board him at the office.  I pleaded and cajoled.  “Look, they’re going to put him down anyway.  Living at the office is a heck of a lot better than death!  We don’t HAVE to bring him home you know.  We COULD just tuck him in late at night and staff will start on him first thing in the morning.  He’s going to die anyway.  It won’t kill him to stay at the office!”  Bryan knew he wasn’t going to win this battle just as he knew there was no way we’d let that dog out of our sight.   He shrugged his shoulders and our marketing assistant Jan Sarah grabbed her car keys and started driving.

Several hours later my staff stretchered in the most pathetic looking Doberman with a smile on his face the size of Hawaii.  As much pain as he was in, Kenny was grinning ear to ear.  He must have known he’d just won the lottery.


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  1. Kirsten
    November 12, 2013

    I feel like I’ve won the lottery just learning about you, your team, and Kenny. My girl Bug and I are you newest, biggest fans. Thank you! Can’t wait for the next update.

  2. Susan Marschner
    November 12, 2013

    I love this dog so much. What an inspiration he is! Everything he went through, and still, there was that smile. He is truly an angel from heaven. I hope, whatever time he has left is filled with eternal sunshine and happiness! I had a dobermann pinscher who I had to put to sleep last December at age 13 due to thryoid cancer. They (and GSDs) are the most AMAZING and INTELLIGENT breed. I hope to get another dobe soon. Blessings to you and this beautiful boy ‘Kenny’ who’s video brought tears of joy to my eyes. (As well as my family who saw the video).

  3. Jenny Ferris
    November 14, 2013

    I can’t wait to read more of Kenny’s story!!! I’ve been following him, but always want to know MORE!!!
    Thank you SO much for taking on his challenge and helping him.

  4. Krystle Kelly
    November 23, 2013

    I am a Veterinary Nurse who is half way through the UT CCRP course, all the way over here in New Zealand. I am delighted to find this story and your company. I hope that one day I too will be able to help dogs in the way that you do 🙂

  5. Joan Hoppe
    November 24, 2013

    What an inspirational story to see. My hats off to everyone who cared for and brought this amazing dog back to life. I too. Wish him endless love and happiness for what ever time he has left to shine with you. I had put a 10 year old dobe down to sleep last October due to a suspected lung tumor and was able to bring another dobe back into our life’s in September. They are truly the most loyal and loving breed you could own.

  6. Diane
    December 23, 2013

    A truly inspirational story, and what a fantastic ambassador for the breed Kenny is. I do hope he found a special home. I’ve been involved with re-homing rescue Dobes for most of my adult life and they are a very special breed (the only one for me). Keep up all your good work, it is so worthwhile. Lots of cuddles to the fabulous Kenny too.