Two Hands Four Paws is offering Fun Swims the FIRST and THIRD SUNDAYS of each month from 11am – 2pm, and every WEDNESDAY from 5pm – 7pm

Fun Swim Two Hands Four Paws German Shorthaired Pointer DogSwimming is a fantastic form of exercise for dogs, good for both weight loss and cardiovascular fitness. It’s also a wonderful treatment for animal depression, anxiety, and dog behavioral disorders related to anxiety since it raises your dog’s serotonin levels. In fact, swimming just once every two weeks will keep your dog’s serotonin levels at the puppy level. How’s that for motivation?

Swimming is also a great form of group play. Even dogs who aren’t natural “water dogs” can learn to love the water at Two Hands Four Paws. Our Fun Swims are populated with labs, goldens, pointers, French bulldogs, shepherds, whippets, border collies, poodles, terriers and an amazing shepherd/corgi mix. You name a breed of dog, and if it can fetch a toy, you’ll probably see it at one of our Sunday Fun Swims.

Geared towards active dogs that can catch a ball or toy, and have deep or open water swim experience, Fun Swims take place the first and third Sundays of each month from 11:00 to 2:00 and every Wednesday from 5:00 to 7:00 in half hour increments. We also offer one-on-one swim lessons to get your dog loving the water.

Dogs are matched by age, ability and temperament and only four are allowed in the pool at a time so call us today at 310-475-8555 to book your Fun Swim session. Trust us, your dog will thank you (once he/she wakes up from the nap of a lifetime).



Winter 2016/ 2017 Fun Swim Recap: Light But Lively

We welcome back some old friends and we celebrate the skinny dipping

We’re into our fall groove. Crowds are a little lighter but our dogs are swimming just as hard. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the return of old and new friends. Aji the lab is back. She’s a lot less crazy but she’s still crazy. It took one session to get her legs back and by the second she was swimming better than ever. Tarie and Juang Gun brought some new humans but they were the same strong swimmers. Mandy is back and we’re not going too far out on a limb saying she’s the best swimming boxer we’ve ever seen. Blue’s limp is gone so he’s back (and still very strong). Pearl and Blake told mom she just could not work any more 60-70 hour weeks because they needed to back in the H2O. Pearl is looking very slim, incidentally. Sophie is back after a little skin issue and, boy, is she running the show. Now mom can’t throw the balls fast enough. (Cue the broken record “How times have changed!”). Teddy and Carly finish out the returnees, with Carly’s exuberance and Teddy’s stylish fuchsia floatcoat.

For us humans, the days of skinny dipping are over (unless you own your own pool with lots of privacy. With fences, cameras, alarms, social media and security guards when we skinny dip we go to jail. BUT NOT OUR DOGS! We’re not jealous or anything but we are. And who are the latest swimming sans vêtements? Sandy K, Annie T, Aji A. and Pippa K. Awesome! You go, kids. Live it up!

Our regulars are also doing great this fall. Sooner’s amazing gazelle-like leaping belies her nine years of age. Fletcher and Austin are also great jumpers. So nice to see their smiles as they catch air. Tucker flips between “feeling it” and not. When the right floating yellow pig is out there he’s all over it. Isaboo swims to the beat of her own paddler. Sometimes she fetches. Sometimes she plays keep-away-from-mom. But she’s always scheming. Finally, mention should be made of Woodrow, who is now a full-grown 2YO Dog with a capital “D.” Being a Golden, every day is a full-throttled adventure.  Woodrow’s latest project is a full-body ‘plop’ off the deck into the water. Not a leap. Not a dive. Not a belly flop. It’s the Woodrow Plop. Watch for it on a FB stream soon.

Fun Swim Photo Gallery