Dogs and cats with mobility issues can benefit greatly from the use of a wheelchair or cart. Many who were once hindered from the use of their legs can now enjoy the freedoms that a wheelchair or cart provides. The need for a cart depends upon the nature of your pet’s disorder and the severity of the disability.

We can provide a wheelchair fitting for your dog or cat that will give them the ability to run, play and get the exercise they need.  If your dog or cat needs a wheelchair we will measure and fit carts from the leading suppliers on the market. We offer custom made carts specially made for your dog or cat and we also carry a selection of pre-owned carts for rental or purchase.

We have many dogs and cats that have led happy and better lives because the use of a wheelchair or cart. Here are some of the dogs and cats that have had a major life change because of their helpful carts:

“Just wanted to let you know Shamus is doing amazing in the cart!!… He is so happy to be in it. He is able to eat without being held up and moved around after dinner to get water (not needing to be carried) and walks around the house. He even chased Tank briefly. He is such a gamer! I will be ordering the cart this week and shipping it to 2H4P for final fitting.”

-Lana and Shamus

“Hi Bryan, just letting you Nala is moving like The Wonder Woman she is! She was scooting around like a champ this weekend, off leash, and on hills!”

-Katie B.

“Theo is doing really well in his cart and we are just overjoyed to see him finally have his wheels!  It will definitely allow him to go on longer daily walks- which he loves to do! Thanks for everything.”

-Emily G.

“Maia has been averaging 2 miles a day as she is a Terrier Mix and loves to exercise. She has done the Eastern Sierras, Joshua Tree and many more hikes up to 8 miles thanks to you.”

-Annie H.

“Please share with everyone especially Bryan who took great care in fitting Ivy with her wheels, giving her mobility & freedom. She loved her wheels & didn’t want to stop. We got to have 3-legged wheeling adventures and I will be forever grateful :)”

-Melinda H.