Stephanie Valdez

Animal Rehab Assistant

Hometown: Los Angeles

Favorite Food: Extra spicy food

Dream Destination: New Zealand

Ever since Stephanie can remember, she had a connection with animals. She never felt as passionate as she does when she works with them. Her compassion has helped her evolve into a righteous individual for animal rights. Because of that, Stephanie has always known what she wanted to do was make a difference in pets' life and their owners.

She hopes to start her own rescue one day with the experience and knowledge she’s gaining while progressing her career. Stephanie joined the professional animal field about 3 years ago, and it's been incredible. She worked at a small animal clinic for about 1 1/2 years as a kennel attendant. They were usually in need of help with tech and assisting the vet, and she was always willing to help and learn along the way. The moment she saw 2H4P and the work being done, she didn't hesitate to apply. Stephanie was thrilled when she got the job offer. Coming to 2H4P has been one of the best decisions she’s made. The learning experience, the team and best of all the patients have been extraordinary for her.