Close But No Cigar Pt 2.

Chapter 19

Kenny , India and BryanWhen Bryan got to Dr. L’s hospital Ken flipped out. They hugged and kissed and had a tearful reunion in the run where Ken was being held. For ten minutes Bryan told him how much he loved him and how great his new home was going to be (through his tears). When he finally turned to leave Ken tried to go with him. Bryan explained to him again that he was going to go to a new home and a new family. Eventually, Ken got it.And he was not happy about it. Ken refused to speak to Bryan. He actually turned his back on him and gave him the cold shoulder. In Ken’s eyes he had picked us to be his family. He didn’t need no stinkin’ new family. We were his family! We were his people! Wow, this was not going well.

Kenny got to Dr. L’s home a few hours later. As expected it was full of life, love and children. Lots of them. Ken skidded around from room to room on the tile floors (yikes!) checking everything and everyone out. He gave kisses. He explored. He tried to climb on their sofa to sit with Dr. L’s very pregnant wife. The kids were ecstatic. A new dog!! And he’s big! Dr. L and his wife loved him. The kids loved him. But there was one tiny problem. They were absolutely terrified one of the children would potentially climb on Kenny, hurt him and get bit.Sunset LA As it was still an hour before sundown they called and we discussed it. I had absolutely no idea if Kenny would bite or not. I seriously doubted it but there were no guarantees. All dogs can bite and mine are no more perfect than any others. Kenny’s neck was fragile and any time a dog has a previously ruptured disc there is always a possibility that another one could rupture. I gave him our trainer’s phone number, as Michael Chill knew Kenny well. I suggested Dr. L talk with Michael and see what he said.

20 minutes later he called back. He and Michael had had a good conversation and Michael agreed that he doubted Kenny would bite but he also agreed that there were no guarantees. If a child or two climbed on his neck while he was asleep and startled or hurt him, he could lash out. Dr. L and his wife didn’t want to take the risk. I completely understood. With three small children and a new baby on the way, it was a potential problem. Had the kids been older and more trainable they could have been taught not to climb on or startle a sleeping dog. But with babies, forget about it. Ken was coming back home!! I was an emotional wreck! What a freaking day. Now what?

Bryan, who still hadn’t calmed down from my giving away his Ken while he was at work, was in his car and driving to Dr. L’s house before I could even hang up the phone. The sun was going to set and he had to get to the valley before it did! The valley was 30 minutes away and it was Friday night rush hour. Holy smokes. Could he get there in time? And would he forgive me for giving away Ken without even consulting him?

DSC_0319When Bryan got to Dr. L’s house Ken came racing out to meet him, wagging his little stump furiously. Hey! Good to see ya’! Have you met my new friends? Let’s go home! As the sun was setting, quick goodbyes and thank you’s were exchanged and Ken did something so utterly, adorably Ken. He trotted over to the couch where pregnant Lisa was sitting, gave her a little smooch on the mouth and trotted out the door with Bryan. He’s classy that one.  It was all smiles on the drive over the hill and Ken was soon back in our house. His house.

I was in a quandary. What the heck was I going to do now? Dr. L had been the one person that I had been thinking of for a long time when I realized we needed to place Kenny. I had been pretty sure that if he met him he would fall in love and take him. I had been right but I hadn’t counted on any wrinkles in that equation. Now I needed to find someone else. And it had to be one of the most special homes on earth. Where in the world was I going to find another super awesome home that would work for Kenny? All day I had been happy that his new home was with a veterinarian, and thrilled that he would get the best of care. Now I was back at square one. This was giving me grey hairs and wrinkles. Why couldn’t Kenny just GET ALONG WITH OUR DOGS????!!!!!

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