Anna Makedonova

Physical Rehab Technician

Like many of my colleagues, I got into veterinary medicine because of my great love for animals and the desire to help them. I graduated from the Veterinary Academy in Moscow in 2017. Still, in my third year, I started working in a clinic in the general practice department, then I worked for almost 4 years in the surgery department. After surgical operations, it was always interesting for me to observe the recovery of our patients, then I decided to try myself in the rehabilitation department and was pleasantly surprised at how close it became to me. Our department held lectures and courses for both doctors and owners. I really enjoy learning new information about treatment, I enjoy communicating with clients and working as a team with them, and I enjoy seeing our patients recover or relieve their pain and improve their quality of life. After moving to America, I worked as a Technician in the Department of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation in Colorado and now I am part of a great team of Two Hands Four Paws.