Cat Acupuncture Treatments at Two Hands Four Paws

grey kitten receiving acupuncture at Two Hands Four PawsAcupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine treatment utilized for thousands of years. The process works by having a certified veterinary acupuncturist examine your cat and evaluate their needs. Then they will place tiny sterile needles in various acupuncture points throughout your cat's body. These points correlate to specific muscles, joints, tissues, and organs, allowing the practitioner to provide a highly personalized treatment for your cat.

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Dr. Contreas, a certified Veterinary Acupuncturist at Two Hands Four Paws, provides insights into commonly asked questions regarding feline acupuncture. 

What are the biggest benefits of cat acupuncture?

This depends on what your cat's main issues are, however, acupuncture can help decrease pain, increase mobility, improve recovery from an injury and/or surgery, and improve their overall quality of life. Depending on what your cat is having trouble with, we, as veterinary acupuncturists, can tailor the sessions to help achieve your goals. 

grey kitten receiving acupuncture at Two Hands Four PawsCan acupuncture help my cat with illness or injury?

It certainly can! Acupuncture increases opioid and endorphin release, which helps decrease any pain they may be experiencing from their illness/injury. It also increases blood flow, which helps remove any toxins and cellular waste, and brings in the needed nutrients to help rebuild tissues and blood vessels. 

Can acupuncture help with chronic conditions, like arthritis or kidney disease?

Yes! Acupuncture can help keep our cats comfortable and help decrease the secondary effects they may be experiencing from arthritis or kidney disease - such as stiffness, mobility issues, nausea, and decreased appetite. Keep in mind both of these diseases are multifaceted and therefore usually require multiple changes to obtain the best quality of life for your cat - including diet changes, adding in some supplements, medications, etc.

Can acupuncture reduce stress in cats?

Acupuncture can certainly help decrease stress, as research shows acupuncture increases the release of endorphins, which help reduce stress. However, depending on what is causing your cat to become stressed in the first place, there may be some added recommendations such as a change in diet, changes in the location of their food and/or litter boxes, anti-anxiety supplements, anti-anxiety medications, etc. 

Orange cat receiving acupuncture at Two Hands Four PawsCan acupuncture be used to treat behavioral problems in cats?

Acupuncture can certainly help with behavioral problems, but this is usually only a part of the treatment plan. Depending on the behavioral problem we're trying to address, other changes may also be recommended. 

Can acupuncture reduce my cat’s need for medication?

Depending on why your cat was placed on the medication, acupuncture may be able to help get them off of it, or at least reduce their dosage - this is especially true for pain medications. However, if they're on medication for something chronic (such as insulin for diabetes), acupuncture may not help as much. Please feel free to discuss this with your regular and/or acupuncture-certified veterinarian to get a better idea of whether acupuncture would help with your cat's specific needs. 

For more information or to book an appointment please call us directly at (310) 475-8555, or you can email us at [email protected]