Bryan McMahon

Chief Mobility Officer

Hometown: Troy, MI
Favorite Food: French Fries
Dream Destination: Great Barrier Reef

Bryan McMahon is the Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Mobility Officer, Head Swim Coach, Maintenance Department, and of course, a supportive husband and partner to Leslie.

Comfortable with power tools and armed with an engineering degree, Bryan has been the designer, MacGuiver, and maintainer of our Los Angeles facilities. As his wife and business partner, Leslie, was dreaming of and creating a brand-new veterinary market segment, someone had to create and maintain the rehab equipment she wanted to employ. Learning-as-you-go in a brand new industry involved finding and installing a dog-proof pool, deck and ramps, engineering state-of-the-art heating, chlorination and filtration systems, evaluating and installing equipment of all sizes, and repairing said equipment when it goes down. And it does go down!
Bryan is a surfer, sailor and scuba diver. His love and respect for the ocean (especially the tropics!) easily translated into creating a water environment where patients and staff can enjoy the benefits of water in a clear, warm, and well-maintained pool. Fun Swims were born from having that pool unused on Sundays, when the clinic is closed. Bryan and our first Fun Swimmer (Charlie D!) spent a LOT of quiet hours together, chasing a ball, and waiting for the word to get out that there was a safe, warm, indoor pool in West Los Angeles that encouraged dogs to make a splash. Today Bryan is one of the best canine swim coaches in the country. Staff is used to his continuous conversations with his students, helping them, encouraging them, pushing them, rooting for them.

As our Chief Mobility Officer, he’s involved with custom braces, wheelchair fittings, 3D prosthetics, and, if time ever permits, developing new products based on seeing several thousand dogs come through our front doors. (Good luck with that!

Bryan did not grow up with dogs. Now he is surrounded by them in every aspect of his life. There have been times when there were up to six dogs in his office alone! Furthermore, he has shared his home with more than fifteen pets over the years and he and Leslie have fostered over 300 dogs. He sometimes wonders, in the words of David Byrne, “Well, how did I get here?” Destiny!