Swim Therapy and Underwater Treadmill

Explore the myriad benefits of Dog Physical Therapy with swim therapy and the revolutionary underwater treadmill at Two Hands Four Paws. Note: Any animal that can swim can benefit! We welcome all water-loving animals! 🙂 These therapies offer a unique blend of exercise and rehabilitation, providing unparalleled advantages for your beloved pet.

Swim Therapy Highlights:

  • swim2Low-Impact Exercise: The water's resistance turns a 15-minute swim into an intense workout without stressing joints, ideal for post-dog ACL Surgery (CCL) Recovery, surgery, or arthritis.
  • Joyful Relief: Weightlessness in water, coupled with swimming, acts as a therapeutic massage, releasing endorphins and promoting happiness.
  • Experienced Therapists: With over 10,000 sessions, our therapists excel in improving fitness, stamina, and aiding post-surgery Dog Rehabilitation.

Underwater Treadmill Features: 

  • Two Hands Four Paws underwater treadmillNeurological and Spinal Support: Focusing on the walking gait, it aids pets with neurological or spinal injuries, perfect for post-ACL surgery Dog Recovery.
  • Adjustable Variables for Precision: The treadmill's adjustable water height, speed, and walking direction offer precise control, beneficial for pets with paralysis or post-surgery recovery.
  • Low-Impact and Strengthening: Gentle on joints, the underwater treadmill strengthens rear-end muscles and boosts confidence in walking, suitable for older pets.
  • Complementary Therapy: Used in tandem with the pool, it enhances limb strength, joint flexibility, and overall well-being.

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