Kendra Metz


Physical Rehab Technician

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Dream Destination: Australia

Kendra’s has been a Physical Rehab Technician at Two Hands Four Paws for over 10 years. Kendra has had the opportunity to work in the animal industry for as long as she can remember. After obtaining her associate degree in Animal Science from Pierce College, she began an incredible journey that led her to various roles and experiences.

Over the years, Kendra has worked at different places such as a Boarding Facility, PetCo, West Valley Pet Clinic, and All Animals Medical Center. However, it was at Two Hands Four Paws where she felt like she was working at her dream job. She loves that she can bring her assistance dog, Captain, with her every day, allowing them to spend time together while helping their patients. In her pursuit of enhancing her knowledge and skills, Kendra achieved certification as a Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) from the University of Tennessee. This specialization allows her to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to animal companions. She feels fulfilled knowing that she can make a difference in the lives of dogs in need and provide comfort to older furry friends. Two Hands Four Paws offers a wide range of services, which she finds truly amazing.

When she's off the clock, you'll often find Kendra napping or building Lego sets. Her favorite Lego set right now is the Disney Castle.