How will rehabilitation and physical therapy help my dog?

The assistance that rehabilitation and physical therapy can offer depends on your dog's condition. Each case is unique, but we frequently work with animals suffering from pain issues, mobility issues, arthritis, neurologic problems, joint problems, post-op issues, and tendon problems. Our aim is to alleviate their pain and restore them to their condition prior to the issue. In the case of older dogs, while we may not be able to make them as active as they were in their youth, we can definitely improve their comfort and quality of life.

Dr. Debra Voulgaris
Two Hands Fours Paws

What services and modalities are available at a rehabilitation clinic?

Our clinic offers a variety of services and modalities to assist in our work. We provide acupuncture, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, swim therapy, and treadmills for both land and underwater exercises. We also manage other aspects such as nutrition, supplements, and equipment like harnesses. Additionally, we do brace fittings and provide orthotics if the animal needs joint stabilization.

What should I expect during my dog's rehabilitation and physical therapy session?

During a session, we first go through the dog's history and discuss it with the owner. We then assess the dog's condition by measuring joints, testing muscle mass, conducting a gait analysis, palpating the body, and performing physical and neurological exams. We also discuss medications, supplements, and diet. The session typically lasts for an hour to an hour and a half. We then formulate a plan and work with the dog owners to determine what's most realistic for them. We also send a home program for the owners to follow. We usually suggest a weekly plan for in-clinic therapy.

Who will be working with my dog during a therapy session?

The personnel working with your dog during a therapy session depends on the type of therapy. If it's acupuncture, it's always the veterinarian. We have therapists who are trained in rehabilitation and have ample experience in providing therapies such as laser, underwater, and swim therapy. Rest assured, all our personnel are highly trained.

What are the typical goals of dog rehabilitation?

The goals of dog rehabilitation depend on the individual dog and the objectives of the caregivers and pet parents. Some animals come in great shape and the aim is to maintain their condition. Others might be older or have more severe conditions, and our goal for them is to keep them mobile, improve their comfort, and enhance their quality of life.

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