Susan Ellis


Physical Rehab Technician

Hometown: Mansfield, OH
Favorite Food: Shrimp Fia Diavolo
Dream Destination: Mallorca

Susan started in the animal industry back in 1985 because of her deep love for animals and a desire to help care for them. Initially, Susan began working at a pet store that was connected to a veterinary hospital. Her role there was primarily as a cage cleaner, responsible for cleaning kennels, giving baths, and picking up after the animals. However, one day, there was an incident where a vet needed assistance during surgery, and she stepped in to help. That experience made her realize that she needed to expand her knowledge in the field, so she decided to pursue further education.

As her skills and knowledge grew, she transitioned from the pet store to the veterinary hospital, where she continued to learn and specialize in areas such as internal medicine, surgery, IR, ICU and emergency care. Susan enrolled at Pierce College and obtained her Register Veterinary Technician (RVT) license. Additionally, she attended The University of Tennessee and obtained certification as a Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP).

Before Two Hands Four Paws was a brick-and-mortar clinic, she was working with Leslie in her backyard to help with animals in need of recovery. It was during these visits that she witnessed Leslie's dedication and passion for every dog she worked with. One particular moment truly inspired Susan. A dog came in unable to walk, but after just two weeks of rehabilitation, that same dog greeted her at the door, walking on its own. Witnessing this transformation gave Susan a strong desire to pursue physical rehabilitation for animals. Leslie had given that dog a second chance at life, and Susan knew she wanted to be a part of more success stories. Susan continued to help Leslie, and eventually, the demand for the services grew so much that it was time to expand to a full clinic. Susan was the first employee to join Two Hands Four Paws when the clinic officially opened.

One of the best aspects of Susan’s work is getting to know the owners and patients. Outside of work, she enjoys going to theaters, concerts, and dining at old-school restaurants