Animal massage therapy is an important part of every rehabilitation session at Two Hands Four Paws. Not only does it allow the therapist to bond with your pet through touch, but it’s also a great diagnostic tool.

Two Hands Four Paws Massage

While stretching your pet’s muscles to increase flexibility and relaxation, the therapist is also checking for any swelling, new growths, inflammation or pain that may be an indication of an injury or undiagnosed health issue. In addition, animal massage therapy increases circulation, which leads to improved oxygenation.

More oxygen in your pet’s blood speeds up the metabolism, resulting in enhanced performance, and acts like an anesthesia resulting in shorter recuperation time. This is especially important with older pets, and those who are recovering from injury and/or surgery. By gently manipulating the soft tissue of your pet’s body, our animal massage therapists work to reduce any build up of fibrous tissue adhesions that result from inflammation caused by a muscle strain, or a wound.

These adhesions make your pet sore and stiff, causing him or her to not move properly. Animal massage therapy targets your pet’s trigger or stress points in order to achieve lymphatic drainage, relaxation, and stimulation by increasing your pet’s endorphins. Bottom line, your pet will feel better, and therefore act better after a massage.

Two Hands Four Paws Massage

Older pets:  Animal massage therapy is excellent for older pets, helping with such age related issues as arthritis, disc disease, muscle cramps, torn ligaments, and early morning stiffness. It increases circulation which is great for removing toxins caused by an impaired heart or kidney function. This pain release combined with the healing power of touch will help your older pet feel more stable, and secure on their feet, thereby giving him or her a new lease on life. Many seniors who’ve dragged their body into our facility have trotted out like a puppy after a Two Hands Four Paws massage.

Sporting Pets:  A pre-event animal massage will help your pet to warm up by increasing blood flow to the muscles. Post-event, a massage is excellent for loosening up your pet’s muscles and joints in order to prevent stiffness, and it helps speed up the drainage of lactic acid that builds up after any strenuous workout.

Small Pets:  Certain large breed pets experience growing pains. Literally. Massage therapy can help by increasing blood circulation which allows growing bones to receive the nutrients they need such as calcium and phosphorus. Also, since fast growing breeds are more prone to joint sprains and strains, regular massage will accelerate their rate of healing, and help reduce their level of pain until their growth spurt passes.

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