Julien Landsverk

Animal Rehab Assistant

Hometown: Oxnard

Favorite Food: Anything my wife makes

Dream Destination: New Zealand

Julien is an Animal Rehab Assistant with love for animals that goes way back. Growing up, he had a mini-zoo in his house with cats, geckos, birds, hamsters, and more - you name it, he had it. Julien started in the animal industry in 2017, working in dog daycares, and rediscovered his passion for working with animals. His ultimate goal is to become a travel RVT and maybe even have his own sanctuary one day.

He has been part of Two Hands Four Paws since August 2022, and it has been an incredible experience for him! He is grateful to be a part of a team that truly cares for each patient. What drives him at work is the difference he makes for these animals. It's amazing to see the progress they make and to know that he's a part of it.

When he's not at work, you can find Julien enjoying the great outdoors or indulging in his passion for cosplay. He has even developed an interest in plants recently!