Canine Rehabilitation with Laser Therapy: Muddy's Journey at Two Hands Four Paws

MuddyHi, I'm Leslie Gallagher, the owner of Two Hands Four Paws. In this discussion, we'll delve into our successful use of laser therapy in canine rehabilitation, focusing on a special case - Muddy, a chocolate lab with joint issues.

Muddy's Challenges: Bilateral Hip and Elbow Dysplasia:Muddy
Muddy was a one-year-old chocolate lab who arrived at our facility struggling with bilateral hip dysplasia and bilateral elbow dysplasia. He also had swelling in his knees and poor hip extension, compounded by his slightly overweight condition. His diagnosis required a lifelong treatment plan for canine osteoarthritis, focusing on low-impact exercises like swimming and careful weight management.

Tailored Treatment Plan for Muddy at Two Hands Four Paws:Muddy in underwater treadmill
Our comprehensive treatment approach for Muddy at Two Hands Four Paws included regular canine massages to ease his full-body osteoarthritis and laser therapy targeting all affected joints. We emphasized low-impact exercises, particularly swimming, and sessions in our underwater treadmill. A key part of Muddy's rehabilitation was weight loss and muscle-Muddy massagestrengthening exercises for both his forelimbs and hind limbs. We also introduced a new NSAID, fish oil, and other nutraceuticals to better manage his joint pain.

Overcoming Behavioral and Medical Challenges:Muddy in underwater treadmill
Muddy's hyperactivity posed a unique challenge, particularly during massages and laser therapy sessions. His tendency to ingest inappropriate items like toys and clothing led to multiple surgeries, including one instance involving the consumption of ten chicken wings. Despite these challenges, Muddy successfully underwent left and right TPLO surgeries to address bilateral cruciate tears.

Ongoing Management and Progress:Muddy smiling
Muddy continues to manage his severe osteoarthritis with consistent physical rehabilitation. Our focus has shifted primarily to swimming and underwater treadmill exercises, complemented by post-exercise laser treatments. The addition of Gabapentin to his regimen helps keep him calmer and more comfortable. Muddy's ongoing physical therapy focusing on joint strength and mobility, has shown remarkable progress, with weekly visits to our facility for continued care.

Muddy's story highlights the effectiveness of a multi-faceted approach to canine rehabilitation, especially utilizing laser therapy for dogs with hip and elbow dysplasia. His journey at Two Hands Four Paws demonstrates how personalized care and innovative treatments can significantly improve the quality of life for dogs with complex joint issues.

Muddy smiling in pool