Kashmir's Rehabilitation Journey: Overcoming Bicep Tendinopathy with Laser Therapy

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baby KashmirHello, I'm Leslie Gallagher, the dedicated owner of Two Hands Four Paws, a leader in canine rehabilitation. Following my recent presentation on laser therapy in rehabilitation, I'm excited to share a series of case studies, beginning with Kashmir, a three-year-old albino Doberman with a unique story.

Kashmir's Background and Initial Challenges:

Kashmir sleeping after a runKashmir, an active and enthusiastic athlete, was accustomed to running six miles every other day with his owner. Being albino, his vision was poor and he had melanoma which is common in albino pets. His routine came to a grinding halt after his owner fractured her back running with his sibling and entered her own rehabilitation. His owner hired a man to try to keep up his running routine, unaware that the man immediately started running him much harder and faster. This change led to the development of acute lameness in his right forelimb, diagnosed as severe biceps tendinopathy.

Tailored Treatment Plan at Two Hands Four Paws:

Kashmir smilingAt Two Hands Four Paws, Kashmir's treatment regimen began with medications including Rimadyl and Gabapentin, along with intensive laser therapy sessions. Initially, these sessions occurred twice daily, eventually reducing in frequency as his condition improved. However, after a setback due to re-injury, we consulted with a surgeon who administered a Depo-Medrol injection, significantly enhancing his recovery process.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Approach:

Kashmir enjoying his acupuncture treatmentPost-injection, we carefully resumed Kashmir's rehabilitation program. This included a blend of canine acupuncture, ongoing laser therapy, various land-based exercises, and cross-friction massage, all aimed at strengthening his right front leg. A noteworthy aspect of his water therapy was his initial insistence on only walking on his hind legs in the water to avoid using the injured leg which although we actively discouraged, it was really quite funny. 

Remarkable Recovery and Maintenance:

Kashmir jumping into a poolOver six months, Kashmir made significant strides in his recovery. His ongoing treatments included bi-weekly laser therapy sessions, weekly canine massages, and a variety of exercises tailored to his needs. To maintain his fitness on non-running days, he utilized the underwater treadmill. Eventually, Kashmir was able to return to his regular running routine, completing six miles every other day, and remained pain-free for the rest of his life.


Kashmir in lifejacketKashmir's story is a powerful example of how targeted rehabilitation and laser therapy can effectively treat conditions like biceps tendinopathy in dogs. His journey at Two Hands Four Paws underscores the importance of personalized rehabilitation plans in ensuring a successful recovery for active canines.