Successful Rehabilitation of Sophie the Lab with Laser Therapy at Two Hands Four Paws

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Sophie's Success Story

Hello, I'm Leslie Gallagher, owner of Two Hands Four Paws, expert in canine rehabilitation and laser therapy. Today, I'm excited to share a transformative case study involving a young yellow lab named Sophie and her journey through advanced rehabilitation techniques, including laser therapy.

Sophie's Initial Condition and Challenges:

SophieWhen Sophie, a spirited yellow lab with severe bilateral hip dysplasia, came to our facility at just one year old, she faced numerous challenges. Her right hip was completely subluxed and extremely painful due to canine osteoarthritis, and while her left hip was not subluxed or arthritic, it required a triple pelvic osteotomy. The surgeon could not do a total hip replacement until she was fully grown. Sophie's condition was complicated by her being slightly overweight, with a body condition score of six out of nine, hindering her mobility further.

Customized Rehabilitation Plan at Two Hands Four Paws:

SophieOur approach to Sophie's rehabilitation was multifaceted. We initiated a weight loss program to alleviate stress on her joints and discontinued Tramadol, replacing it with a more effective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for pain relief. Our team also started Sophie on canine joint support supplements and Adequan injections to improve her joint health.

Integrating Diverse Therapies for Optimal Recovery:

Sophie's treatment plan included a variety of therapies. Initially, we focused on gentle exercises like soft massage, range of motion activities, and sessions in the underwater treadmill, tailored for her condition. As she grew, and once her growth plates had fully developed, we introduced canine laser therapy – a pivotal component in managing her pain effectively.

Sophie's Progress and Long-Term Management:

SophieOver three years, Sophie enjoyed a mix of swimming, laser therapy, canine massage, and occasional acupuncture, showing significant improvements. The owner waited as long as possible, but eventually, she needed a total hip replacement on her right side. Post-surgery, Sophie's rehabilitation at Two Hands Four Paws included bi-weekly sessions, incorporating Galliprant and Dasuquin into her treatment. Despite initial activity restrictions, we continued water therapy, which played a crucial role in her recovery. Six months after surgery, Sophie's thigh measurements were equal in size, which was one of our therapy goals. She had a successful recovery, and she continued weekly swim therapy sessions, to maintain her remarkable progress.


Sophie's journey at Two Hands Four Paws highlights the effectiveness of a comprehensive, personalized rehabilitation program, incorporating canine laser therapy and other innovative techniques for dogs with hip dysplasia and post-surgical recovery. Her story is a testament to the resilience of our canine companions and the potential for a full, active dog life post-recovery.